If you would like to visit our school or learn more about our admissions procedures, please contact the School Registrar, Ms Kimberley Andrews.

Mill Hill Pre-Preparatory School
Wills Grove
Mill Hill
London NW7 1QR

Tel: 020 8959 6884
Fax: 020 8959 4626

The registration fee is £150, which covers all three schools in the Foundation.

Mill Hill School Foundation: a company limited by guarantee.
Registered in England: number 3404450
Registered office: Walker House, Millers Close, The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London NW7 1AQ
Registered charity number: 1064758

Please register your child as soon as possible as we get many applications. Once you have registered, your child’s name is placed on either our initial or reserve registration waiting lists, according to the date of registration. If your child is placed on the reserve registration list, we are unable to guarantee that your child will be invited for an assessment. However, registration also places your child on the waiting lists for Belmont 7+ and Mill Hill School at 13+. We can pass your registration to them if your child is not invited for an interview and if we are unable to offer your child a place.

Nursery and Reception admissions for September 2017

Offers for our 32 part time Nursery places will be made shortly after our interviews in November of the year before entry. Places for our Reception classes will be offered in February after our interview process has taken place during the month of January. There are approximately 20 places available in Reception.

Children on our initial registration list will be invited to take part in a half hour activity session and interview. Priority for places is given to suitable siblings.

Occasional Places at 5+ and 6+

Your child will spend a morning working in a class of similar aged pupils to assess their ability.

The main intake at the school is at 3+ and 4+. All other places are chance vacancies.

Click here to download a registration form in PDF format.

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“The school aims to provide a happy, secure and rich learning environment for children aged 3 to 7.”