The academic curriculum at Grimsdell is divided into two stages: Early Years Foundation Stage (comprising Nursery and Reception) and Key Stage One (comprising Years 1 and 2).

We consider these early years of education to be of the greatest importance as a foundation for future learning. It is at this stage children acquire knowledge and understanding, develop attitudes and learn social and personal skills. We aim to make the years the children spend at Grimsdell challenging, fulfilling and happy so that by the time they move onto the next stage, they will be competent, confident learners who take pleasure and pride in their learning.

We offer the children a broad and balanced education in all the major areas of the Early Years foundation Stage and the National Curriculum. These include the traditional skills of reading, writing and mathematics as well as science, geography, history, design technology, information technology, art, drama, music, religious education, physical education, and personal, social, health and economic education. In addition to these areas, French is taught in Year 2.

Science Newsletter

The Mill Hill School Foundation Science Departments have now launched a newsletter that will be produced each half term. We hope that this newsletter will keep you up to date with scientific news from both inside and outside of the Foundation. Contributions from pupils are encouraged and should be submitted either to your Science teacher or to Mr Stubbles at Mill Hill School.

Did you know? 2 Head teachers since the school opened, 
20 years since the school opened, 
31 members of staff, 
188 pupils on the school roll, 
2 giant African land snails in our Nursery